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Are you tired of wasting resources on advertising campaigns that just don't work? Take your digital campaigns to the next level today by scheduling a private training for you or your team! 

This 2-hour training session will help your brand shine by gaining a deeper understanding of the following tactics:

  • Campaign budget forecasting

  • Advanced audience targeting

  • Creating engaging ads

  • Retargeting your site visitors

Reach out today to schedule your private training session, and start engaging new customers in meaningful, engaging ways.


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Frequently Asked Questions

◆ How many team members are allowed per training?

The training can accommodate up to 3 of your team members.

◆ How many advertising platforms will the training cover?

The training will cover one (1) platform of your choosing. Additional trainings for other platforms can be added at any time. We will also cover topics such as how to pick the right platform for your messaging.

◆Will we build an actual campaign in this training?

Your team can activate the campaigns we build during training. If you'd like to activate a campaign, it's recommended that you come to the training prepared with a budget, ad imagery / text, and the website URL you want to drive to.