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Advertise Your Business Locally

Drive engagement in your local area with digital messaging that sets your business apart in the neighborhoods that matter most


Advertise on Local Publications

Advertise in the Chicago Sun Times
Advertise on WGN Chicago
Advertise on ABC7 News Chicago
Advertise on NBC 5 Chicago
Advertise on Eater Chicago
Advertise on Chicago Tribune

Reach regional customers on their favorite local apps & sites to improve awareness of your brand.

  • 100% Brand-safe publishers

  • Block keywords, domains & categories for additional safety measures

  • Campaigns optimize toward best-performing apps & sites to maximize revenue

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Mobile & Desktop Ads

Reach your target audience on their terms with tailored messaging on their favorite apps and devices.


Audio & Podcast Ads

Reinforce your messaging with :15 and :30 audio ads that engage your local audience on a more personal level.


Sponsored Content Ads

Make your content newsworthy with native sponsored content messaging that demonstrates your brand's understanding of local customers' needs.


Advanced Audience Data
Maximizes Investment

Maximize your campaign's efficacy with tailored audience data segments, improving engagement and reducing budget waste by engaging the users most likely to take action on your site. 

Layering on holistic audience profiles assures your messaging reaches the right users on the right devices.

Online Product Advertising
Product & Brand Affinity
Advertise Financial Products Online
Financial Profiles
Advertise Online Chicago
Demographic Profiles
Digital Advertising Chicago
Browsing Behavior
Geo Location Data
Mobile Geo Data

Target by Neighborhood

Engage the right users by narrowing your ad campaign to the neighborhood level, further enhancing your campaign:

  • Reach devices within your service area

  • Personalize ad messaging by neighborhood

  • Re-engage brick and mortar customers

  • Measure results by neighborhood


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