Too Busy to Blog? 3 Ways to Easily Generate Content

Running a business is hard work - and trying to create engaging content on a regular schedule can add a lot of unnecessary stress to daily operations. But content doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, there are several ways to keep your brand top-of-mind, without allocating a lot of hours or resources.

But first, what is content?

Content is a combination of information and experience. Blog posts, podcasts, videos, newsletters - all of these are forms of content. Sometimes it’s free, sometimes paid - but the point is always the same: to provide value for the user. If you’re finding yourself too busy to write, consider these other ways of generating engaging content.

  1. Share Industry Content Consumers tend to only follow brands that provide some sort of value for them - which means your followers are looking to you for expert guidance and to put things into perspective for them. And chances are, you’re already receiving a lot of industry content into your inbox or RSS feed. Sharing industry news and content with your audience grants you the opportunity to add your own perspective to the conversation. This, in turn, establishes your brand as a thought-leader in the space. Pro-tip: Make sure to cite and link to the original source. This is important not only for legal reasons, but it also helps improve your ranking on Google and other search engines.

  2. Re-visit Previous Content Sometimes it’s better to not re-invent the wheel. Rather, you can look to your previous content pieces and re-tool them to be relevant to your audience today. Chances are, the conversations being had in your industry haven’t changed much - so take the opportunity now to establish what has changed since the last time you posted. Think of it like a #tbt.

  3. Crowdsource your Content Established brands and orgs with a strong following have the ability to tap into their follower-base to generate content that resonates with new customers. Consider giving your audience a chance to review, rate, or provide a testimonial. Always request imagery (or even better, video, when possible).

If you’re looking for more ways to engage with your audience, content is key - but don’t look at it as another task to cross off your to-do-list. Try to view it as an opportunity to help your brand shine in its best light.

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