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3 Ways to Build Content using Google Trends

Building engaging content using Google Trends

Google Trends is a powerful tool that analyzes all of the search queries that happen on Google, and gives detailed views for search terms and topics. So it’s no wonder that this is one of the most popular tools that businesses use to identify topics to build engaging content. Below, we explore some ways that small businesses can make the most out of this tool for content creation.

Research Topics Related To Your Business Offerings

Comparing search query volume for key terms related to your business helps to build an understanding of which phrases resonate best with your audience. This helps to identify which terms should be built into your content, assuring your posts and videos cover topics that your visitors will find useful. The more relevant your site content, the better your business ranks in the Google Search results, meaning staying focused and on-topic will drive better engagement with your website’s content.

Research Content Ideas with Google Trends
In this example, a legal firm would find that the term ‘Personal Injury Attorney’ would drive more engagement than the term ‘Personal Injury Lawyer’

Find Trending Topics for Real-Time Marketing

Staying relevant on social media can be tricky when the current trending topics keep changing. Staying on top of current search trends will pinpoint opportunities for your brand to create social media content that engages in the moment.

Creating a relevant, engaging content strategy
Staying relevant using trending search topics

This is often referred to as 'RealTime Marketing" - and beyond generating buzz, it shows followers that your brand is active, engaged, and primed for business.


You may remember the Super Bowl power outage of 2013. It took several brands no time at all to create social media posts that were timely, relevant, and engaging - going down in marketing history for their quick, effective use of the situation.


Analyze Search Topics by Region

For many topics, search volume varies at a regional level. The terms driving engagement in Sarasota, FL are not the same as topics trending in Chicago, IL. Understanding what it is that your locality is looking for makes creating more personalized content for your key markets a more effective process.

Using Google Trends to develop website content.
Trending search topics vary by locality. Understnading your region's needs helps to tailor an effective, engaging content strategy.


Thoughtful content strategy is still the best way to engage high-value audiences online, and staying relevant has become more important than ever in a constantly shifting digital landscape. If you’re seeking deeper, more personal engagement with your website and social media, make sure to give visitors content that speaks to their most current needs.

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