Most Effective Ways to Re-Engage Customers

When it comes to building digital awareness for small businesses, re-engagement is key. An estimated 97% of website visitors don't return to the site - which amounts to epic losses for small businesses. What does this mean? Users who have only come across your business in passing are extremely unlikely to recall your brand - let alone your service offering. It takes consistent, quality messaging to shift user intent, especially online. That's why we've outlined the most effective tools that brands can use to re-engage their potential customers.


Retarget Website Visitors

Your website visitors had to find you somehow - which means that visitors to your site have already raised their hand as being interested in your offerings. But consumers tend to shop around, which gives your competitors an opportunity to earn that user's business. Retargeting your website visitors on their favorite apps & sites enables your business to stay top-of-mind for recent website visitors. Re-engaging those users with tailored messaging that features an offer gives those users a reason to return to your website - and ultimately - become your customer.

Businesses that offer multiple products or services can retarget users by the page they visited, allowing for an even more tailored user experience, and boosting your chances of converting those users into paying customers.

Re-Engage Your Contact List

If your business collects contact information, i.e. Email addresses, you can use this data to re-engage those contacts. By exporting your contact list and uploading to your preferred advertising platform, you're showing those contacts that you're both engaged and relevant.

The user's email and contact information is tied to an anonymized advertising ID, meaning no personally identifiable information (PII) is shared.

Retarget Viewers of Your Ads

Users across the internet are faced with an excessive amount of noise, with many brands vying for their attention all at once. Retargeting the viewers of your ads offers a timely way to follow up on the conversation, while demonstrating your brand's leadership in the space. Listeners of a podcast ad, for example, can be retargeted with video and banner ads - reenforcing your message across channels.

Retarget In-Store Visitors

Geofencing local
Mobile geo data is a powerful tool for local & regional brands to drive customer engagement

Mobile device location data is one of the most powerful tools for brick & mortar locations. Every time a mobile phone enters your store, that information is recorded and anonymized. This gives your brand an opportunity to reconnect with that customer post-visit, encouraging them to visit your website or store again.

Location data can also be used to reach the competition's customers, by creating geo-fences around the competitive locations in order to capture those devices. The device ID is stored (anonymously) for later mobile ad targeting - giving your brand an opportunity to engage the competition's customers.


Retargeting, contact lists and mobile device data are important tools for staying relevant in the face of nonstop online competition, but these efforts are in vain without a thoughtful strategy. It's imperative to speak to your customer's needs in order to build lifelong customer relationships. Questions? Don't hesitate to reach out to for more information.