Introducing No Minimums, No Commitments on Digital-Out-Of-Home (DOOH) Campaigns

Fresh Squeeze Digital is a Chicago Marketing Agency that helps Small Businesses bring in new business by using billboards, mobile advertising, podcast ads, and more

Digital-Out-of-Home (or DOOH) advertising is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing marketing mediums in the U.S., with Programmatic DOOH driving exponential growth for the industry. This makes Out-of-Home advertising - which is usually priced arbitrarily based on the media owner’s whims - instantly accessible for small businesses and startups of all sizes, even cannabis and CBD brands.

With the U.S. surpassing its vaccination goal of 100 million doses within the first 100 days of President Joe Biden being in office, the country is starting to get a glimmer of hope that it may return to some sense of normalcy by Summer 2021. With so many Americans being vaccinated so quickly - in tandem with states and municipalities opening public spaces once more for business - it’s only a matter of time before our restaurants, gyms and roadways are packed with people once more - eager to learn, socialize, and transact.

That’s why Fresh Squeeze Digital has partnered with Vistar Media, one of the most pioneering Digital-Out-of-Home platforms in the space, to empower advertisers of all sizes and budget levels to serve their messaging on high-impact outdoor and indoor units, such as billboards, taxi tops, bus stops, gas pumps, ride share (i.e. Lyft) tablets, gym TV screens, ATMs, and more. Most importantly, they can do so in any market, at any time, without paying exorbitant sums of investment. Timing a product launch or big announcement? By tying your DOOH campaign performance back to your digital campaign and site traffic data (i.e., Google Analytics), we can correlate return on investment for billboards and other outdoor placements - a winning combination that drives performance metrics on all digital tactics. It's easy to get started! Start by dropping a line to to get the ball rolling, and we'll put together a custom plan tailored to your business objectives!