Tips for Prospecting New Business in the COVID19 Pandemic

It's no news that the U.S. economy is struggling in light of the spread of COVID19 across the globe. Marketers are among many who are struggling to prospect new business right now, as many of their previous clients are canceling contracts and requesting refunds.

Some businesses are thriving during the spread of COVID19

Does this sound familiar to you? If so, fear not. Not all is lost. In fact, some industries are thriving during the COVID19 shutdown. Here are some options for prospective businesses to get your sales back on track:


Businesses Affected by COVID19 You Should Be Prospecting

1. Telehealth Practices

While Telehealth isn't exactly a new concept, more patients than ever are flocking to this tool in exchange for leaving the safety of their homes. Search volume for terms like 'Teletherapy' have been up 10x those in February 2020. In kind, many health practices are moving to a Telehealth model, requiring users to attend their appointments via phone or video conference. 2. Cleaning Services

Who's most likely to thrive when the world is shut down due to a virus? Cleaning companies, of course - and not the green ones. We're talking cleaning services that use the hard stuff to clean. Stores, hotels and other public venues are actively booking these services to disinfect their space in hopes of a speedy recovery to getting back to business. In fact, demand for cleaning workers has nearly doubled since the start of the outbreak.

3. Delivery Services

Services such as GoPuff and GrubHub are, unsurprisingly, seeing a surge in demand as consumers opt to let someone else take the risk for them. Many services are hiring additional delivery drivers to compensate for the increase in demand.

4. Liquor and Wine Stores

Dissociation is a typical human reaction during times of crisis - and the traditional American way to dissociate is with lots and lots of alcohol. One shop owner in Macomb, Michigan recently told MLive that he was having trouble keeping his liquor store stocked due to a surge in demand, and shoppers were buying alcohol just to make hand-sanitizer with.

5. Meal Prep Services

Since many people aren't adept at cooking for themselves, being sheltered in place can be especially tough. Recipe websites and meal prep services are both seeing a dramatic spike in business.


Remember that businesses of all sorts are adapting to a major disruption in normal service, and that not every prospect will be ready to buy your services right now. Be sure to make it clear how your services will help that business secure a bright future for itself and its employees. And most of all, understand that everyone's anxiety is up right now, so you might need to have a little extra patience with people. Wishing everyone a quick return to success and prosperity!