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TikTok has Finally Enabled Local Geo-Targeting for Advertisers

This may seem like a small change from afar, but it has big implications for marketers. TikTok is a robust engagement channel for video content, and the addition of City & DMA targeting means that local advertisers can start to develop their following amongst TikTok users.


TikTok's popularity has skyrocketed in the past few years, particularly among young adults.

Target by City or DMA

The platform will now allow advertisers to limit their ad impressions to select cities and DMAs, giving the brand an opportunity to tailor their messaging for the individual market. Regional advertisers will now have the ability to tailor their ad message by region. Smaller, local businesses will actually be able to reach their market without wasting impressions in cities that don't make sense.

Interest & Behavior-Based Targeting

Layering on additional interest or behavior-based segments allows advertisers to maximize their investment with individuals who are most likely to engage - maximizing ad budget and minimizing waste.

Advertising Targeting Categories on TikTok
Sample of TikTok's targeting categories for advertisers

Full List of TikTok Audience Categories Available Here >

Retarget Website Visitors on TikTok

Re-engaging website visitors creates opportunities to build customer connections with users who have already shown interest in a business. Retargeting select site visitors on social media gives brands a chance to display content that satisfies the user’s needs and creates a deeper, more personalized connection.

The process begins with placing a TikTok retargeting pixel into the website's header. This snippet of code will fire every time a new user visits the brand's website. Once you've built an audience of engaged site visitors, the brand can start to retarget those users with tailored video content. This can be further enhanced by creating audiences for individual pages, allowing for more product-level retargeting.


TikTok's increasing popularity has made it a powerful tool for engaging users online with short-form video content. To get started, visit - or for help getting your campaign launched, contact us at

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