📹 Video Blog: Using Google's Free 'My Business' Tools to Engage Local Customers

In this video, we explore Google's free 'My Business' platform, and discuss ways that local brands can create and maintain an engaging business profile, making it easier for customers to find them.

(Transcript available below video)

Today, we’re going to talk about Google Business, and how local brands can use this powerful, free tool to establish their place in their key markets.

So what is it?

Google Business is a free tool that gives business managers control over when and how your business shows up in Google’s search results and map results. The business manager can select appropriate business categories to ensure maximum exposure for related search queries. Additionally, it gives the business opportunities to share photos, news, events & offers directly within the search results - visible proof that the brand is engaged with the local market.

How does it work?

  1. Users search for terms such as “Nail Salon Near Me”

  2. The relevant results for nail salons are displayed in Google’s search & map results

  3. The users typically look at reviews, relevance & brand engagement to decide on the best choice to suit their needs

  4. Brands list their contact information in their individual results, resulting in more website clicks, calls, and leads

It’s important to bear in mind that these are users who are ready to purchase, but have likely never heard of your brand. Don’t assume they’ve seen your offers or events on other channels such as Social Media. This is your opportunity to relay your brand’s benefits with an all new, engaged audience.

Tips for Maintaining an Engaging Profile

  • Post Frequently

  • Your posts will show up in search results, so keeping your posts up-to-date is an important way to demonstrate your brand’s leadership in the space, and that your business works hard to engage with its audience. Having old posts show up first can make users think you’ve gone out of business.

  • Keep your Photos Up to Date

  • Just like posts, up-to-date photos continue to prove your leadership & engagement in the space - and having out-of-date photos will make your brand look bad

  • Respond to Reviews

  • Responding to your reviews - whether they’re positive, or negative - demonstrates that your business *listens* to its customers. It also helps to ease any customer concerns over poor reviews left in the past

  • Add Offers

  • Everybody loves a good deal - and with new eyes on your brand, this is the perfect opportunity to get more customers in the door. Consider a tailored offer for new customers that gives your audience a reason to try out your products or services.

Reviewing Your Results

Google Business provides metrics to help understand your performance and optimize your profile. The insights tab on the far left will take you to your reports.

Some things to pay attention to here are:

  • How are customers finding your business?

  • Is your business showing up more in search, or maps?

  • Are your new photos netting you more profile views?


Managing a business is tough work, and perhaps you’re concerned about adding yet another digital channel - but remember, the customers driving these search queries are ready to make a buying decision and are researching their best options. If your brand isn’t showing up in these results, you’re missing a huge opportunity to engage your local market.

If you need some help getting your profile up and running, or perhaps you want to optimize for better results - Fresh Squeeze Digital can help. Send us a line with any questions you may have!